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7 Days of Renewal

7 Days of Renewal

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14 sticks per box, two for each day
Each stick burns +50min!
Mon- Body
Tue- Sex
Wed- Confidence
Thur- Love
Fri- Communication
Sat- Intuition
Sun- Soul

About the Brand: 

Ispalla is an incense brand from Peru, its products are 100% Natural made with shredded Palo Santo wood and its resin. 

To be sustainable, Ispalla ensures to pick up the Palo Santo from fallen tree branches, that have dried naturally for at least 5 years. With this wood and resin from Palo Santo, the incense is made to clean dense and negative energies, relax and aromatize ambiances.

CLEAN PRODUCT! Does NOT contain chemicals, charcoal or synthetic fragrances. The brand collaborates with women's communities and Peruvian artisans.

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